History of Probus Club of Hunters Hill

We are the oldest Probus Club to be established in Australia and have been meeting regularly since 1976.

The idea of Probus didn’t get to Australia until 1975 when a Rotarian from Scotland told a group of Parramatta Rotarians about the Probus movement in the UK. There was some enthusiasm for the idea and in July 1975 a past president of Hunters Hill Rotary made enquiries as to how to get the movement started.

Hunters Hill Rotary Club members became keenly interested. There was publicity in the local paper, the churches were informed and so was the Senior Citizens Centre in Gladesville Road.

On November 6th, 1975 a small group of men assembled at the Centre. Clem O’Donnell volunteered to take minutes, John Pinnock (president), Don Farrant, Peter Germann and Gordon Hereford represented Rotary.

Interested retired men present were Roy Stuckley OBE, Geoff Herford, Les Hollman, Alex Irvine, Herbert Mitchell and , Geoff O’Donnell. Discussion revolved around the success of Probus in the UK and a proposed constitution. It was decided to wait until January to launch the club and during the next two months there was a publicity campaign in the district.

On 3 February, 1976 the first meeting was held. Various resolutions were passed including that the membership fee be $1 paid annually and that the club meet on the first Tuesday of the month. Member Owen Miller later presented to the club a polished honour board on which he had hand carved the Probus crest.

In 1995 the decision was taken by the all-male club members to open up membership to both women and men. In June of that year we became a Mixed Club.

We have taken the decision to limiting a membership to  a maximum of 100 active members.